About the Composer

A little about Nick Sanabria:

Composer, musician.    Guitar, Bass, Keyboard/midi: both soft and hard synth/samplers.   Creates music in a wide variety of styles and genres, heard regionally/nationally since mid 1985.  

Created numerous jingles, original scores to picture, signature music, and audio logos for web-verts and new media; audio design and original soundscapes using sound effects as musical elements;

a complete buy-out library of original scores from comedic to cinematic; and multiple albums of original songs from comedy to rock to country.

Still believes in the power of branding through music.  (ie. "jingles")

Studio designer/owner:  Designed/built/operated studios at 230 N. Michigan, and 445 E. Ohio.

Radio City Recording operated in downtown Chicago from 1985 to 2011.  The landscape changed radically in mid 2008 when we became connected virtually to all our talent, from singers to musicians, and the need for a large multi-room facility became unnecessary.   The satellite studio in Aurora became the primary hub for all of Radio City Recording’s music work.   The Aurora studio is smaller, but maintains all of the state of the art equipment from the downtown facility.  The studio was constructed using the same attention to detail as the downtown studios, the booth designed specifically for voice recording.   The Aurora studio is now interconnected with many talent owned studios, and has reciprocal agreements with several downtown studios  for projects requiring a larger sound stage.  

SAG-AFTRA voice talent       www.nicksanabria.com

Booth announcer: WFLD-FOX32, Chicago; numerous national and regional radio/tv commercials: Kellog's, Fellowes, BayerCrop Science, State Farm:  corporate programs and apps, including  image pieces for Abercrombe & Kent, Advocate Health Care, and many others.  

Copywriter:  Leo Burnett, D’Arcy; freelance commercial/comedywriting for a variety of clients.