Fixing audio problems, improving sound

Most of our work is improving audio from self-recorded home-based talent.

We improve the overall sound, remove any harshness; get rid of any distracting sounds or noises; edit out breaths and tighten the read;  edit or compress to fit time constraints; improve clarity and intelligibility, and bring the sound up to broadcast standards.

We have years of experience in voice production and audio restoration, and are experts with a variety of programs and tools to clean up nearly any problem audio.


There are always the unexpected noises that can ruin a take.  In most cases, we can minimize or eliminate them.   From ground-loop hum, to "room sound" or off mic recording, we can remove the distraction, and improve the sound without needing to resort to ADR.

But in the event we cannot significantly repair the audio, we also have an ADR program to lip sync audio recorded in a looping session either on site, on line, or from another studio.


We can enhance and improve recorded corporate events, speeches, conference room recordings, conference calls and voice mail.