A little about Nick Sanabria:

Producer, composer, musician.   

Produced numerous award winning campaigns, commercials and jingles; plus songs and comedy bits that have little to do with advertising and can't be played on the radio.

Studio designer/owner:  Designed/built/operated studios at 230 N. Michigan, and 445 E. Ohio,  in downtown Chicago from 1985 to 2011.  (click on link "photos of 445 E. Ohio" above)

Still have the same great equipment (ok, updated) but in a home studio that is much more convenient for me.

SAG-AFTRA voice talent

Booth announcer: WFLD-FOX32, Chicago; numerous national and regional radio/tv commercials: Kellog's, Fellowes, BayerCrop Science, State Farm, Restore Hair.

Copywriter:  Leo Burnett, D’Arcy....(many years ago)

Nothing to do with Radio City, just more stuff I have done.

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Nick's Art